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System design and quotation support

Whatever your requirements our Bosch accredited engineers and sales professionals are on hand to help design your system. We can work from any building plans or tender specification you may have, to design a complete solution for you.

Our case studies provide a sample of the international projects that we have managed on behalf of clients. You can also view our client list.

Upgrade paths

Bosch deploys an evergreen design policy, which means that there should always be an upgrade path for your Bosch investment.

Our accredited Bosch Engineers will work with your business to establish what legacy equipment you employ and how we can take that forward into your new system design. See our World Health Organisation (WHO) case study for an example of a large conference system upgrade.

When it comes to public address equipment, in 2002, Robert Bosch GmbH acquired Philips Communications and Security Inc. (Philips CSI). Since that time Bosch have gradually rebranded and developed the established Philips CSI public address product range into the family of products which you see today. While many older Philips public address systems such as the SM30, SQ40 and SQ45 are no longer manufactured, Bosch's evergreen policies enable NTE to offer clients a tried and tested upgrade for their legacy PA system. See our dedicated Bosch Praesideo and Bosch Plena public address websites for more information.

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